8 Treatments Of Back Pain – No More Surgery


back painAre you struggling with back pain? Do not worry. Here’s the truth: You are not alone. Did you know that one of the primary reasons why people consult their medical doctors is back pain? In fact, it is one of the common causes of disability. Regardless of its cause, back pain is really frustrating.

There are many treatments of back pain ranging from the simple to the complex (like surgery). The right treatment depends on the intensity, duration, and frequency of your pain. You may want to try the conservative way of treating the pain before going to the doctor.

1. Apply ice and heat

    This is effective especially if your back pain is just starting. You can go and check your fridge for some ice cubes and put them in an ice pack. This should be applied within 48 hours from the onset of the pain. Put it on the affected part for 20 minutes. Do this several times per day. After the first two days, you may switch to heat application. Get your hot water bag and apply it on your back for at least 20 minutes.

    The cooling effect of the ice pack causes vasoconstriction, which limits the blood flow to the area. Hence, it reduces swelling. The cold application also reduces pain. On the other hand, heat increases the blood circulation, which loosens the tight muscles and increases the distribution of oxygen into the affected part.

    2. Exercise

      Exercise is effective in alleviating back pain. Make sure you have the permission from your doctor to perform certain physical activities. Exercise is usually not recommended for those who have back pain due to spinal problems. Aside from that, you may need help from a physical therapist since not all exercises work for treating back pain. Exercises may be done to correct or retrain your posture. It is also done to test your limitation to pain tolerance. You may also be asked to do stretching, flexibility, aerobic, and strengthening exercise.

      3. Meditation

      You may be wondering how meditation can help in treating your back pain. According to Ronald D. Siegel, Psy.D., an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School, in his article “Mind Over Back Pain,” back pain is not a result of illness or injury because it is associated to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. That’s why constant meditation like yoga, tai chi, and other relaxation techniques for the body and mind is recommended. During this time, your mind and emotions are controlled so that you will not stay focus on the pain.

      4. Massage

      This is effective if the cause of your back pain is muscle tension and strain. In a research published in the journal Pain Medicine, many people reported relief on back pain after the massage. There are other researches, which said, massage could reduce the inflammation of the muscles, and thereby alleviate the pain.

      5. Diet and Lifestyle Modification

      There are lots of foods which have inflammatory effects like those rich in trans-fat, refined sugars, and processed foods. Your diet plays an important role in alleviating back pain, especially if it is caused by arthritis. Aside from that, your diet will help you maintain a normal weight. Being overweight is one of the primary causes of back pain since it brings lots of pressure to the spine.

      When you have back pain, it is also important that you listen to your body. There are certain activities which no longer fit your needs. Like for example, if you are aging, you should avoid carrying heavy things because your bones and muscles become weak as you age. It is also important that you stop smoking. Smoking does not only weaken your bones, but it can also bring out pain and delay healing.

      6. Medications

      You can take Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) like ibuprofen to stop the pain. However, you should not frequently take this medicine as it can cause some side effects. Some other medicines like muscle relaxants, topical pain medicines, and cortisone shots may be prescribed for severe pain.

      7. Acupuncture

      It is a popular Chinese medicine. The needles can change the way your nerves react and work thereby reducing inflammation. This may also help in releasing pain-killing chemicals like endorphins and natural opioids that does not only help fight against pain but may also stimulate good sleep according to webmd.com.

      8. Assistive device

      You may change your mattress. One of the causes of back pain is a sagging mattress. You should know how long you have been using your mattress. You may consider buying a new one that only provides comfort but also gives proper support to your entire body, particularly your back. It is recommended to use a firm bed.

      You can also use devices like posture correctors that help you maintain a good posture. Poor posture leads to back pain since the spine is not properly aligned. A premium posture corrector, like the ones from Body and Perfect, can help you say goodbye to back pain forever!