Fix Your Posture with Yoga

yoga for posture

How many times have you seen people stand slouched nowadays? Poor posture may be due to the time spent on computers or lifestyle. Regardless of the cause, maintaining proper posture is important. Yoga exercises can help you do that.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is the application of yoga practices to the treatment of health conditions (Yoga C., 1998). It is not only helpful for back pain, but it also improves stability and balance. It involves practices and teachings to reduce physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. It improves respiratory and cardiovascular function. It reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. It improves sleep pattern and the quality of life of people.

Why is Yoga Important to Improve Posture?

  • It increases body awareness.

When you do yoga, you will think that your body parts are doing what they are supposed to do. It is a reminder to you to always correct your posture and to strive for greater depth. This develops your body awareness that doesn’t end after the workout because it will become a habit.


  • It improves your shoulder and back strength.


People slouch because their back doesn’t have enough strength and endurance. Many yoga poses are perfect for building your shoulder and back strength and help you hold your body upright for a long period.


  • It enhances chest and shoulder mobility.


There are yoga postures that you don’t do on a regular basis that are essential to maintain mobility. These are lifting your arms overhead, interlacing your fingers, and reaching your arms. These movements are essential in keeping your shoulder and chest mobile. When you have good posture, it can make your chest look bigger.


  • It develops your core strength.


With core strength, you are able to hold your body upright for an extended time. Yoga is effective in developing your core strength. Your core is active in every posture you do in yoga.


  • It puts emphasis on proper spinal positioning.

During yoga workouts, you keep on practicing neutral spine alignment. You should do yoga every week to maintain the neutral spine alignment.


What are the Yoga poses that help improve posture?

  1. Mountain Pose

This pose can ultimately straighten your spine. It teaches you to stand up correctly. It may look simple, but it is not. It teaches you to sense when your body is in perfect straight alignment. You may need a lot of practice for you to do this on your own. Put your feet hip-width apart and a little bend in your knees. Put your feet on the mat, and hips should be in a neutral position.

mountain pose yoga


  1. Tree Pose

The tree pose teaches you how to balance. Put your left foot on the mat and see to it that your shoulders are parallel with your hips and spine. Lift your right foot and press the sole of your foot against your left inner thigh. Make sure you are standing tall. Put your hands at your heart center or above your head. While doing this pose, make sure that you are focussed to maintain your balance. This will keep your spine super straight.

tree pose yoga


  1. Cat-Cow Stretch

This pose lets you find the ideal, natural curves of your spine. Move your spine from flexion to extension. You can inhale while you round your back and exhale while you arch your back. Do this several time before you bring your spine to a neutral position.

 cat cow stretch pose


  1. Downward-facing Dog Pose

You can improve your posture by lengthening your spine. Position your feet hip-width apart, tilt at the hips to fold forward. Put your hands on the ground. This requires strength, flexibility, and stability.

downward-facing yoga pose


  1. Bridge Pose

This will let you bend your back so that your chest and shoulders will open. In a person with poor posture, these two parts are often constricted. It also strengthens your back so that your spine will have enough support. When you lift your back, hold it for a moment. You should relax your butt. As much as you can, lift your hips higher.

 bridge yoga pose

  1. Cobra Pose

This pose will strengthen your back and improve your posture. You should lie down on your stomach. Put your hands under your shoulder. Lift your upper body. Hold this pose for five breaths. You can relax and repeat several times.

cobra yoga pose

You should do these yoga poses to improve your posture. You can be confident without suffering from back pain. Every day you will feel lighter and stronger. You can do yoga and use a posture corrector like the one from Body & Perfect.