How Can Your Lifestyle Cause Back Pain?

In the absence of Posture Support, you might find yourself suffering from back pain often. If the pain becomes a frequent visitor and sticks around for the day, it could interfere with your life – personal and professional!

You keep thinking, I don’t remember injuring my back in any way. Then why am I experiencing back pain? Surprisingly, injury is just one cause of backache. Various activities and habits that we have could also be causing this problem. However, unlike an injury-enforced backache, this type doesn’t manifest all at once. Instead, it develops over time.

So, what are the habits that you need to drop, if you want to get rid of the pain? Find out below:


If you are aware that you have bad posture, then it is time you did yourself a favor and purchased a Posture Brace! Whether you are standing wrong or not sitting down right, misalignment of the posture has long-reaching consequences. The key to good posture is being consistent about improving it. Since it will be almost impossible for your posture to remain at the forefront of your mind all day long, it is better to call for reinforcements. A posture corrector that is comfortable to wear and unobtrusive could be the answer you need. 


While we all know that we should be exercising regularly to stay healthy, rarely do we find the time to do so. Your spinal health is yet another reason that you should be exercising. Without it, the muscles linked to, and supporting your spine can become weak. Without that support, the amount of stress on the spine can increase causing the vertebrae and discs to become out of shape.

If you are seriously thinking about doing something to improve posture, exercise can be very effective. However, you will have to choose exercises that will strengthen your core muscles, for example exercises like crunches and sit-ups. Yoga and exercise balls are two core-strengthening exercises that won’t be that hard for beginners.


A straight back is also affected negatively when someone becomes overweight. Obesity also puts you at an increased risk for back pain. The more extra weight you carry around your mid-section, the higher that risk can be. That’s because it keeps on yanking the pelvis forward. Consequently, your lower back feels the stress.

Another reason being overweight can be bad for your back is it puts you at risk of herniated discs or pinched nerves. It is better to exercise and watch your calorific intake if you want to keep your back pain-free!


A back brace for posture also protects your back from the effects of stress. Our lives are intensely stressful, be it due to work, finances, or some other source. You might think that stress doesn’t affect you physically but that isn’t true! The worst effects of stress are felt by your lower back. 

What happens when we are stressed? Your brain prepares your body to deal with it. That means you stay tensed up 24/7. Of course, this can take a toll on your nerves. More importantly, it also influences the muscles in your lower back. Since the lumbar vertebrae are one of the most active parts on your spine, they are also more sensitive to the effect of the constant vigilance enforced by your mind.

Another source of stress is from a previous injury. If you are fatigued, this adds to the negative effect that the stress is having on your spine. When you feel as if you are too tired to take corrective measures, such as exercise, it might be a cause of alarm. By this time, you will have entered a chronic state of stress. Your body will need ample time and opportunity to recover from this state. You need to be patient and take it easy if you find yourself in a similar situation. Wearing a back posture corrector can take off some of the weight off your back. 


Besides stress, your spine can also be affected by strain. The muscles between your shoulders are known as Rhomboid and Trapezius muscles. Their job is to keep your head in a straight line. It is a hard job and is becoming harder day by day. Why is that so? Because the amount of time we spend looking at some or other kind of screen keeps increasing.

When at work, most of us concentrate at the computer screen in front of us. After coming back home, we have our phones, tablets, e-readers, and laptops waiting for us. In short, those muscles are under a lot of strain and in desperate need of attention. If you fail to provide that, knots due to lactic acid deposits will begin to form there.

However, strain isn’t just limited to just your shoulder blades. When you have used your arms more often than you normally do, you will experience your body weight shifting. A few examples of such activities include a muscle in spasm, lifting something heavy in the wrong way, and an abrupt movement. Whatever its source, this is the reason you feel your arms become less flexible. An imbalance like that will also affect your spine muscles and nerves.

Take the example of lifting something off the ground. You might find it surprising that this can be a source of strain for your muscles. You will know this for sure when severe pain shoots through your lower back after you have bent down and lifted a heavy object in the wrong way. If you are in this situation, the proper way is to bend at the knees and not from the waist. Let your legs support your weight and that of the object and not your back.

A posture corrector for men can help protect you from so many sources of backache. Since it is likely that you won’t have the time to drop your harmful habits and pick some healthy ones, why not let it assist you? The posture corrector from Body & Perfect is an effective way you can take care of yourself and your back. Get…set…brace!