How to Correct Posture Mistakes in Women?

women posture

When poor posture becomes a habit, it becomes a problem to your spine, shoulders, hips, and knees. It may even cause back and joint pain. It can also compromise your muscles. However, you can correct your posture in some ways.

At first, you may feel uncomfortable correcting your posture. This is because your body is used to slouching. However, with constant practice, good posture will become natural for you. There are even 6 Exercises to Improve Your Posture.


Do not slouch while sitting on the chair

Slouching can cause strain on the muscles and soft tissues over time. This strain can lead to increase muscle tension. As a result, this will cause pain.

That’s why it is important to have a habit of sitting properly. You will feel uncomfortable at first. This is because your muscles are not used to support your body. You can do these exercises to prevent slouching:


  • Bridges – This targets the buttocks and lower back. You can lie on a flat surface with your knees bent. Make sure that the heels are closed to the bottom. After that, raise your hips and make a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. When you are up, tighten your abdominals and buttocks. Slowly, lower down yourself. You can repeat this eight to ten times.

bridge pose

  • Back extensions – You can lie on prone position with your elbows bent at your side. Your forearms rest in front. Raise your body. Make sure your neck is straight while you push down on your hands. Repeat this several times.

back extension pose

  • Plank – this targets the lower back and core muscles. You can repeat this eight to ten times. You can also do the side plank.

plank pose

Do not stick your bottom out

One of the common mistakes that you may do is sticking your bottom out. If you keep on doing this, you may have hyperlordosis. This is an exaggerated inward curve of the lower back. This may result from wearing a pair of high heeled-shoes or being pregnant.

  • Side-lying leg exercise – This targets the buttocks and lower back. You can lie on your right-hand side. Raise your right leg at 90 degrees. Keep your left leg straight. Gently lower down your right leg. Repeat this several times and do the same step to your left leg.

side lying exercise

  • Hip flexor stretch – Put your both hands on your hips or raise them. Step your right leg forward. Keep your back leg straight. Bend the front leg. You may feel the stretch at your back leg.

high lunge

  • Standing thigh stretch – You can step with one foot and hold your right foot. Hold this for a few minutes, and repeat this step with the left foot.

quad stretch

Do not always wear high heels

Heels may boost your confidence. However, it may bring some negative effects to your body, particularly to your posture. If you wear high heels, this affects your balance. You may keep on bending your hips forward. You may not always wear the same high heeled-shoes every day. If you wear heels, this shouldn’t be for a long period of time. Your feet may be at the largest size during the afternoon. This is the right time to buy your shoes. This will see to it that you have the perfect fit of shoes.

Do not bend over during breastfeeding

After giving birth, you may breastfeed your baby. You are then prone to have round shoulder. This is due to over bending. This may lead to back pain and chest pain. When you breastfeed, you may use pillows where you can place your baby. This will prevent you from bending. When you have mastered this position, you may find it comfortable to relax your back. You may also use a footstool on the floor so that you can place your feet on it. This will maintain your body alignment.


These are just common posture mistakes in women. You may also wear a posture corrector from Body & Perfect to help you have proper posture every day. By doing all the tips mentioned above, you can maintain a good body alignment.