How to Fight Bad Posture in Kids?

Good posture is important for both adults and kids. If you teach your kids the habit of proper posture, you will save them from having discomfort, pain, and low self-esteem later on.

There are various causes why kids have poor posture. Perhaps, they are carrying heavy backpacks to school, having poor posture habits like slouching while sitting or standing, and being obese. There are also adolescents who suffer from scoliosis and back pain that contribute to poor posture. The good news is, there are several ways to teach your children to have good posture.

  • Explain and be a role model.

While slouching makes your kids feel comfortable, you should reinforce the importance of good posture. You can explain the benefits that they will have if this becomes their habit. You should also let them know the consequences of having poor posture.

However, explaining alone is not effective if you do not teach by example. You must be their role model. Show them what a good posture is. Most kids learn through observation. You must be conscious of the way you sit, especially if you are working at your desk at home. If you think you are slouching, remind yourself so that your children can hear you.

  • Appreciate your kids.

When you see your kids practicing good posture, you should recognize and praise them. This will motivate them to stand and sit properly at all times. Tell your children about how beautiful or handsome they look when they stand or sit erect.

  • Use visuals.

Kids, especially the young ones, learn more via visuals. It is recommended to use images or even videos. There are lots of strengthening exercises from YouTube. You can watch it together. It will be better if you practice it afterward. This will motivate your children to exercise at a very young age. You can also use the internet in searching cartoons and handouts about proper posture.

  • Engage them in exercise

Kids may not know the importance of exercise. However, it is good if you introduce it to them while they are young. This will become their habit, which leads them to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Yoga. There are yoga classes intended for children. This will strengthen their core muscles and develop their focus. This is a good activity rather than letting them play or use the computer and smartphone for a long period. Aside from promoting posture, yoga also promotes flexibility, which can increase the attention span of the kids according to an article Checking Out The Benefits Of Yoga For Kids.
  • Suspended Rows. You can enroll your kids in the gym that has the equipment for suspended rows. This is fun and challenging. Your kids will use the rope and continuously pull it. It needs retraction of the shoulder blades, which can strengthen the shoulders and upper back.
  • Stretching. Simple stretching exercises will help improve your kids’ posture. You can instruct your kids to stand straight, hands on their side, and twist the body from one side to another for several times.
  • Gymnastics. There are gymnastic courses for your children. Your kids will learn gymnastic poses, animal walks, and somersaults that strengthen the core. Your kids will have fun and maintain proper posture as well.
  • Ballet. Ballet class is also a good avenue for your kids to learn about proper posture. You can enroll them and see them having fun and at the same time learning the value of good posture.

  • Create a healthy environment.

One of the causes of poor posture in your kids is due to their homework and school duties. Your kids may slouch in front of the computer or on the desk. The chair must be ergonomic. The tables they use should be elbow height. Their backpack should not be too heavy for them to carry on their back. Do not allow them to do their homework on the bed or couch. Aside from that, you must limit their video games and TV marathon.

Lastly, it is needed that as young as your kids they know the importance of good posture and they make it a habit. In case your kids develop poor posture habit that is difficult to improve, a posture corrector like from the Body and Perfect may solve the problem.