How to Improve Posture While Standing or Lying Down?

Proper Posture

Whatever the nature of your work is - you are always standing or sitting in front of the computer - maintaining proper posture is vital to your health. Even while you are sleeping or lying down, there are proper ways to maintain good posture.

You don't want a weak back that is prone to pain and injury. That's why you should try your best to stand up straight, sit erect, and lie down properly. Maintaining proper posture does not only improve your overall health, but it can also boost your self-esteem because you will feel good. If you find yourself slouching a lot, you must take the necessary steps to improve your posture, especially while you are standing or lying down.

Improving Posture While Standing

  • Find your core.

When you are standing, you must stand up straight and tall. Your chin must be level with the ground, shoulder back, and your stomach. Your arms must be at your sides. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Always think about a string that is holding you up. Consider the string as if it is coming from the ceiling, and it is pulling you upward. Visualization is used to guide you.

  • Use a wall.

You can use the door or the wall in your house or office for you to have a good posture. Just stand straight against the wall. Try to put your hand behind your back. There shouldn’t be any space for the hand to go in. Now move away from the wall while maintaining this position. You can recheck your posture again by standing straight against the wall.

  • Use a posture corrector.

A posture corrector like the ones you can see from Body and Perfect is useful and effective. It will prevent you from slouching so that you will not have back and neck pain. It is made discreet, that is not, obvious to other people. You can also adjust it from the front to maintain proper posture.

  • Use a book.

Put a book on your head so that you can stand straight and maintain your balance to prevent the book from falling down. Maintain a good posture while walking with the book on your head. Your head should be up, shoulder back, chest out, and eyes look straight ahead. Never push your head forward. While standing or walking, you can imagine having this book in your head.

  • Choose the right shoes.

Your shoes should have enough padding to support you while walking or standing up. This is helpful, especially if you are always standing. Choose one with good arch support. According to an article from Spine-Health, good posture starts with your feet. As much as possible, you must not wear heels for a long period because they can alter the body's alignment. If you are always standing, you can add padding to the floor for comfort.

Maintaining Posture While Lying Down or Sleeping

  • Choose the right mattress.

Your mattress should be right for you. You can use a firm mattress that can support your back. However, some people find relief in their back pain with a soft mattress. When your mattress sags already, you must replace it. A good mattress can usually last a decade.

  • Use pillows.

Pillows provide support. Regardless of whether you are sleeping on your back, stomach, or side, it is always good to use pillows. If you sleep on your stomach, a flat pillow must be under your stomach and do not put a pillow under your head. If you sleep on your back, you can place a pillow under your knees and head. If you sleep on your side, you can put a pillow in between your knees.

You will look confident with a good posture and you will save your body from health problems later on. In case you feel pain, you must consult your doctor as soon as you can to identify the cause of the pain and to have the right treatment.