How to Maintain Proper Posture While Sitting?

Have you thought about why posture matters? Did you know that sitting is the next to smoking? According to a research from American Health Association, if you are sitting most of the time the whole day, you are at risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The use of technology like computers and electronic devices often lead you to sit for a longer period of time than before. As a result, your health suffers the consequences. The good news is that there’s one thing you can do to improve your health, and that is to sit erect. There are simple ways how to have proper posture while sitting.

How to Sit Properly While Working on Your Desk?

  • Use an ergonomic desk chair.

An ergonomic desk chair is made to provide support to your body so that there will be less stress and friction on bones and muscles while you sit. Although this kind of chair is expensive, it is worth the investment. After all, your health matters most.

In case you do not have an ergonomic chair, you can use a pillow or even a towel to support your lower back. This will also help you maintain proper posture. You just make sure that the pillow or towel is not too large.

  • The chair should be adjusted correctly.

Make sure when you sit on your chair, your feet and your arms are parallel to the ground while your knees are even with your hips. Your feet must rest on the ground. Use a footstool to adjust the position of your foot. If you are wearing shoes with heels, it is much better and more comfortable to remove them. Avoid sitting with your legs cross because this will affect blood circulation, which can lead to muscle strain.

Your elbow should be in L-shaped when you put your arms on the desk. Your arms should not be too far from your body so that stress to muscles in your arms and shoulders is minimal.

  • Adjust your monitor.

It is important that your monitor should be at your eye level. If your monitor is too low or too high, it can strain the eyes and neck. You can adjust your monitor using a stack of books. You can also use a monitor desk stand.

  • Place your keyboard in the right position.

In front of your computer is where you should place your keyboard. See to it that your wrist has enough space to rest while you type. You can use a padded wrist rest if your keyboard is tall. In this way, you can position your hand evenly with your keyboard so that you can prevent muscle fatigue and pain.

  • Choose the right mouse.

Your mouse must be in the same place as your keyboard and it must be easy to reach. Your arms should not be stretching just to get an item because it can cause strain. Straighten your wrist when you use your mouse. Your hands should be slightly below your elbow. You can use an ergonomic mouse to support your wrist and to prevent strain.

  • Take a break.

Do not just sit in front of your desk. You can take a break once in a while to breathe some fresh air and to see some green colors outside. You can also walk around the place to ensure proper blood circulation. You can even stand up from your desk and move. It is recommended to have several short breaks than to have a single long break.

How to Sit Properly While Driving?

Driving for a long period is tiring and stressful. That’s why it is important to keep proper posture when you are in a long drive. You can use a back support or lumbar roll and place it at the curve of your back. See to it that your knees are even to you or higher than your hips.

Your seat must be moved closer to the steering wheel to give support to the curve of your back. The seat must be close enough so that your knees can bend and your feet can reach the pedals.

Other tips:

  • Do not stay in one position too long. From time to time, you must change your position.
  • If you take a long call, use your headphones.
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes daily. You can do stretching, strengthening, and aerobic exercises.
  • You can use a posture corrector like the ones from Body and Perfect. It will support your back while you are sitting to maintain proper posture. This is useful, especially if you are always sitting for a long period.

Lastly, you may be sitting most of the time, and you may be sitting incorrectly, which is bad for your back and posture. However, by knowing the right ways to sit properly, you can achieve good posture.