Mental Effects of Good VS. Bad Posture

It might seem weird to you when we say that a posture brace could improve your peace of mind. However, that’s only because you aren’t aware of the deep reaching effects bad posture exerts on your life – and brain!

Let us look at just three ways in which bad posture affects your mental health:

Posture Can Be Linked To Hormones

Let us keep the topic of posture corrector and good posture aside for a minute and talk about body language. You might be familiar with body language and the power it has on our behavior and how others respond to us. It is easy to see that influence, when one studies animals. Throughout the animal kingdom, animals express their power and authority by adopting an expansive stance. They will try to intimidate an opponent by looking bigger than they are.

What they are doing is actually spreading their arms/wings and standing tall to look more threatening than they are. Apply this to what Amy Cuddy has outlined in her Ted Talk and you will begin to see the bigger picture. Changing our posture changes our hormone levels! Imagine what a back brace for posture could do.

Researchers at Columbia and Harvard Universities’ carried out a study that showed that our posture could be affecting the way we make decisions. You might not realize but sufficient posture support could be making you feel more powerful! The study showed that study participants who maintained an expansive pose by standing tall felt more in control of the situation as opposed to those with constricted poses. Interestingly, the former group was almost 50% more likely to take risks and cash in opportunities.

A back posture corrector could be the gateway to not just feeling more in control. It can also change your hormonal chemistry in the best way possible! When saliva samples were taken from the participants, researchers saw that good posture decreased the levels of stress hormone i.e. cortisol. On the other hand, it had increased testosterone, which is linked to leadership ability and disease resistance.

Posture is Related to Depression

Posture corrector for men can be more than just a way to heal spinal injuries. It could also be a weapon against one of the deadliest and silent life-changing mental conditions – depression. People combating depression on a regular basis tend to slouch. However, this study from the University of Auckland says that good posture might improve things for them.

More than 60 participants were accepted into the study after being screened for depression. Characteristic of mild to moderate depression, the participants were seen to be sporting bad posture – stooped shoulders, rounded back.

After that observation, the researchers assigned a posture to each participant. They were randomly asked to sit either with an upright-posture, or with a group that sat the way they usually did. Those in the upright-posture group followed these instructions, so they would be sitting up straight:

  1. Look straight ahead and then straighten your back. Your shoulders should be leveled and not sloping.
  2. Raise your head toward the ceiling and pull your shoulder blades down and together.

The good posture group was asked to maintain that pose for the entirety of the experiment. The control group, on the other hand, sat however they wished. The participants were evaluated on how well they dealt with stress as they took part in a task. For this purpose, they were asked to give a five-minute speech. The participants were informed they would be judged for the speech. Another stress-eliciting task involved counting backward from 1,022 in 13 steps. The results showed that good posture does affect the way we deal with stress and how we think in a positive way. They also showed that bad posture does the opposite!

Improve posture and you could end up feeling more upbeat and optimistic. The study suggests that when people assume good posture, they will feel more proud after a success as compared to if they adopted bad posture. Moreover, a straight back might make you more persistent when faced with an unsolvable task. Good posture could also help boost your confidence. There is evidence that shows good posture does much more than that. It can also:

  • Increase the feeling of alertness
  • Make you more enthusiastic
  • Decrease feelings of fear
  • Boost your self-esteem after you have had a run in with a stressful situation

You might be thinking can a shoulder posture brace solve all my problems with depression? To that we say, it can improve the situation for sure, even if doesn’t alleviate depression completely. The study mentioned above showed how.

Posture is Connected to Metacognition

Research indicates that the way we carry ourselves affects our mental pathways in myriads of ways. The body of evidence is continuously growing, suggesting that body posture affects our minds. Our thoughts and beliefs are linked to processes that are metacognitive by nature. Scientists now think that body posture might also affect these metacognitive processes. According to the research carried out at Madrid’s Autonomous University and Ohio State University, there is evidence showing that metacognition and body posture are related.

Study participants from the experiment were evaluated to analyze how they would categorize their own abilities and judgments. The participants were asked questions while seated confidently as opposed to sitting in a “doubtful” posture. The former was defined as a participant adopting good posture while the latter was characterized by slouching forward and the participant facing their knees. A confident posture led to the study participants feeling more confident and positive about themselves. They evaluated themselves as potential professionals in such a pose. Thus, good posture had a good influence on their sense of self- validation and perception.

Good posture isn’t just healthy for you physically. As we mentioned, it also influences your mental state. With all the stress that we expose ourselves to regularly, wouldn’t it be great to reduce some of it? Alleviate both mental and physical stress today. Grab your posture corrector from Body & Perfect right now!