Scoliosis – Sports You Can Do and Cannot Do

scoliosis sports

Some of those who have Scoliosis may think that they can no longer play any kinds of sports. This can be frustrating, especially for adolescents with Scoliosis. The good news is, sports are forms of exercise. Exercise is important in treating Scoliosis. Therefore, there are sports which are good even if you have Scoliosis.

Parents may be skeptical in allowing their kids with Scoliosis to play sports. However, sports are beneficial. It can strengthen the core muscles that support the spine. It makes the body energetic and prevents stiffness. It provides overall health and wellness. It can even boost your self-esteem. There are some sports, which can hinder the progression of the abnormal curve of the spine.

Before you play sports, it is much better to consult a doctor. While you play, you can wear a posture corrector like the one from Body & Perfect. This will keep you safe and comfortable.

Sports you can do

  • Swimming

Swimming is recommended if you have Scoliosis. It helps strengthen the spine and used most of the muscles in a weightless environment. However, competitive swimming is discouraged, especially if you have thoracic Scoliosis. This flattens the thoracic spine that can speed up the progression of the curve.

  • Soccer

Even if you have Scoliosis, you can play soccer. This is good, especially if your curve is in the mid back. This strengthens the core muscles that can slow down the progression of the curve. Don’t let yourself sit on the bench. Play soccer and have fun.

  • Gymnastics

Gymnastics can improve your flexibility and core strength. This is needed when you have Scoliosis. However, you should avoid competitive gymnastics because it is risky for injury.

  • Cycling

This is a good cardiovascular workout even if you have Scoliosis. It is a low-impact kind of sports. However, you must avoid the uphill and rough roads. This will prevent the compression of the spine.

  • Cross-country Skiing

The gliding motion linked with this sport reduces shock to the spine’s vertebrae. It can exercise both sides of the body. This will develop a strong and balanced spine.

Before playing the sports you love, you should do the following:

  • Strength Training

Do not go into sports immediately without the strength training. You can lift the weight as long as you do this gradually. In this way, you will not stress your spine.

  • Stretching

Before playing sports, you must condition your body. Stretching can relieve tension. This also restores the range of motion. However, there are stretches, which are not safe for Scoliosis. You can read an article on “How to protect your back if you have Scoliosis?

Sports to Avoid

  • Weightlifting

Weight lifting can be problematic when done incorrectly. This can bring discomfort and deterioration because the spine is weak.

  • Rugby and Hockey

These kinds of sport can cause impact injury because of the high-speed bumps and falls. This can cause spinal fractures and damages to the joints. This increases the risk of degenerative disorders and progressions.

  • Golf and Tennis

These are risky sports because of the unevenly working on the spine. It only involves one side of the body that can progress the curvature of the spine.

Scoliosis doesn’t mean that you have to give up sports. You just need to choose the right sports and avoid those that can put you at risk. You can discuss this with your physician to learn more.