The Importance of Good Posture

Ever wondered why a good posture is important? Find out how a good body posture can help you look more confident, improve your memory, and help you avoid injury.

What is good posture and what can a posture corrector do anyway? Why should you be worried about your posture? Posture can be defined as your body's alignment with respect to the force of gravity. Gravity exerts a force on your joints, ligaments, and muscles. This force can be felt by your body regardless of its position. However, if the force is affecting different structures unevenly, it can lead to stress. Good posture prevents that from happening by distributing the stress evenly.

What constitutes a good posture?

Position of skull in good and poor posture

How you maintain the right posture will change with the position your body is in. For instance, you will have to take different measures to maintain a good posture while standing and different measures to maintain a good posture while sitting. Regardless of the position, with practice and a posture brace, good posture doesn’t necessarily have to be a massive mental task. Using a posture corrector, you can transform this mental task into a habit that will continue even after you have stopped maintaining the posture consciously.

Here are some ways of maintaining the proper posture under different conditions:

  • When you are sitting down, make sure that both your feet are not hanging mid-air but placed on an even surface. The ideal sitting down posture is when your knees remain at or below your hip level. Relax your shoulders by placing your forearms parallel to the ground. Lastly, make sure the back brace for posture is present to support your back.
  • If you are standing, the proper way to do that is bear the weight of your body on the soles of your feet. Next, slide your feet 4-5 inches apart and straighten yourself. Tummy tucked in and hands hanging are two other things that to be remembered.
  • The proper way of lying down is by supporting your head with a pillow. An elevated position of the head will help in blood circulation. Avoid lying on your stomach.

Now that we have covered what good posture is, let us look at some reasons that make good posture so important for your health.

1. Look more confident

    Having the right posture support means ensuring you have good posture. An advantage of doing that is higher self-confidence! Meeting people while staying slumped over will only project a less confident image of you to others. According to the social psychologist Amy Cuddy, perception is everything and good posture changes the way others perceive you. Instead of looking taller, slimmer, younger, and emanating authority, you come off as someone unhappy to be where they are. This can work against you on occasions where you need to make a good impression, such as in an interview, presentation, lecture etc.

    2. Improve your memory and learning

      Research shows your good posture and how good you are memory retention are connected. We are always learning new things whether it is at work or through studying. If you think your memory could do with a good power boost, then invest in a back posture corrector and get your good posture on!

      3. Avoid injury

      Stress on the human body due to poor posture

      The picture above shows how much stress we expose our bodies to almost regularly. The smartphone epidemic has worsened things all around. We use our phones and stare at its screen all the time. In fact, most of the times we don’t even realize how uncomfortable the position of our bent head is! Look at the person with the good posture (left) in the picture. Their head weighs 10 -12 pounds and our spine can handle it without any trouble. However, as the angle of the head changes so does the weight – and pressure – on the spine. Over time, such pressure erodes the connective tissue between our joints. Consequently, there is nothing to keep our bones from rubbing against each other. If things continue down the same path, you are looking at arthritis, slipped discs, and even trapped nerves.

      4. Breathe easy

        The reason why a good quality posture corrector for men should be on your shopping list is that it could help you breathe more freely! Think about it, all the variations on exercises like the pilates, yoga, and meditation are all focused on posture. Why? Because a better posture helps you breathe.  Try breathing while slouched and do the same thing with your shoulders pulled back and your back straight. It will be obvious that the latter position results in a higher amount of air entering your lungs.  The better your breathing is, the healthier you are going to be. All your organs need oxygen for respiration and open breathing pathways are the first step in making sure that happens!

        5. Improve your mood

          When you improve posture, you don’t just look confident. You feel that way too. More importantly, you boost your happiness by way of maintaining a good posture as it makes you look appealing too. A study showed that slouched positions led to people recalling sad and depressive memories. On the other hand, individuals who maintained good and upright postures were more likely to remember happier and positive memories! Good posture isn’t a cure-all for depression and any other psychological maladies. However, it can help you push back the gloominess as you continue to fight against it!

          A straight back might also be a result of stronger muscles. According to Harvard Health, there can be physical reasons for someone who can’t maintain a good posture for too long.

          Here are two of them:

          • Inflexible muscles have joints that are limited in how much they can move in a direction. There could be a reason why you aren’t able to maintain your posture. If your hip muscles, for example, are overly tight they will tug the upper body forward.
          • The muscles of your back, side, pelvis, and buttocks are known as core muscles. They are crucial because they link the upper and lower halves of the body. If the core is weak, then you would be more likely to slump. Slumping will disrupt your body’s balance.
          Luckily, with a good shoulder posture brace, you can improve your posture. Whether it is weak muscles that need to get stronger, or whether you forget to keep a good posture, a corrector can help. Grab your Body & Perfect Comfort Posture Corrector today!