The Long-Term Effects of Bad Posture

Bad Posture

Good posture is considered important for good health. Whether it is through your parents that you have heard about the effects of bad posture, or through a chiropractor singing the praises of a good posture brace, everybody talks about it.

While it is true that good posture can make you come across as a poised and healthy-looking professional, is that all it does? Should you consider getting a posture corrector just because it makes you look good? Or are there other reasons to correct bad posture? As it happens, there are other more valid reasons. Let us look at some of them…

Change in Spinal Curve

One of the many ways bad posture can change your life for the worse is through the negative effect it has on your spine. Constant slouching can result in an altered spinal curve and the need of a back brace for posture. Your spine already has a slight curve to it. However, through poor posture, you put a great deal of pressure on it, forcing it to bend in an unnatural position! Spinal curve when out of sync will lead to pain and reduce the spine’s ability to absorb shock or maintain proper balance.

Headaches & Jaw Pains

Poor posture can lead to other bad effects too. For instance, by hunching over, it becomes more likely that you will end up clenching your jaw. Tightened facial muscles might result in headaches and jaw pain. Posture support received in a timely manner will prevent the temporomandibular joint from being under stress and finally wearing down. This joint is connected to other parts of the body, which will suffer as well.  

Negative Mood

Believe it or not, at times a back posture corrector can be your ticket to a good mood! If you don’t already know that good posture keeps depression at bay, then try this on for size: according to the journal Health Psychology, bad posture can lead to depression! Participants that exuded fear, had lower self-esteem, and bad moods were those with bad postures as compared to the ones who sat upright.

Blood Vessel Constriction

Posture corrector for men can become necessary, if they want to improve bad posture. That’s because the wrong posture can cause problems with blood vessel constriction. Since the way we carry ourselves also affects spine curvature, the blood vessels around the spine might get cut off. These vessels are supplying blood along with nutrients and oxygen to the different muscles. Constricted blood vessels are just a step behind clot formation and deep vein thrombosis!

Digestive System Blockage

Yet another reason you need to improve posture is because it affects your digestive system! It might sound unlikely at first but consider one thing: everything in our body is connected. Slouching can crowd the internal organs, squishing them together. Consequently, they won’t be able to function as well as they should. Slowed down physiological processes, including digestion might lead to acid reflux and even hernias!

Poor Breathing

A straight back can help you breathe properly. That’s because that is when your lungs, diaphragm, and rib cage have adequate room to expand and thus function properly. If you are a fan of exercise, then you have to be doubly careful during workouts. Your muscles will require a higher oxygen intake to keep working at their most optimal and exert themselves physically. Shallow breathing restricts the movements of the diaphragm, which in turn keeps the lungs from filling up with oxygenated air. You can easily recognize this as happening since it makes you feel short of breath and anxious. On the other hand, when you engage in deep abdominal breathing, your lungs hold more oxygen and function properly. As a result, your heartbeat slows down and the blood pressure stabilizes.

Back, Shoulder and Neck Pain

A shoulder posture brace can help prevent or bring relief from different kinds of pain, including an aching back, shoulder and neck. Poor posture is often recognizable through aches in these parts of the body. When we remain seated in a slouched position for an extended period of time, we force our upper body to support our weight. This results in undue strain on the torso, especially when it isn’t supported in its turn. You won’t just have an unaligned spine to look forward to with bad posture. You will also be at an increased risk for joint stress. Due to consistently increasing pressure on your joints, the connective tissues protecting and supporting them, can get worn down. A spine that is misaligned can be the first step towards a herniated disc. Most common herniated discs happen in the area between your ribs and hips or the lumbar region. The discs in your spine support your vertebrae and a herniated disc can lead to further issues. That’s because the inner part of the disc will become exposed and aggravate the spinal nerves. Consequently, you will feel pain or numbness more often in your arms, back, or legs.

As you can see, good posture is important for more than cosmetic reasons. It is connected to overall health and well-being in numerous ways, from digestion to headaches. If you want to stay healthy, then you’d better start practicing how to sit up straighter. Make sure that when you use the computer, it is placed at eye level. That way, your spine will be under less strain. The same is true for when texting on your phone. When you look down to text, your head becomes heavier and the spine has to work harder to support it. Good posture comes with many benefits, including better breathing, reduced stress and neck and back pain, and improved digestion. The posture corrector from Body & Perfect doesn’t just correct posture issues. Its positive effects are long-reaching and can make good posture habitual for you. With consistent use, you can also heal posture-related injuries, as well as, prevent similar problems in the future. Grab one each for yourself and your loved ones right now!