Top Scoliosis Exercises For You


Living with Scoliosis can be challenging because it is painful. Don’t let Scoliosis restrict you from doing your activities. You can remove the barriers by strength and mobility that you can get from proper exercise.

Why you need exercise when you have Scoliosis?

It is only through an exercise that you can strengthen and straighten your posture. This will prevent curvature on one side. It also improves brain and muscle coordination. It can even slow down the progress of Scoliosis. When exercise controls your condition, you may not need surgery.

However, you cannot do any exercise. There are specific exercises for everyone who has Scoliosis. You must first consult your doctor before doing any kind of exercise. What matters most is you need to listen to your body, as described in this article. You must not do anything that makes you feel bad or hurt.

  1. Row

row exercise

Rowing is a strength training exercise. It can strengthen the latissimus dorsi muscle. This can provide support to the trunk. You can use a machine or free weights. You must choose the method that suits you. You can do this exercise one side at a time.

  1. Pilates

pilate exercise

This can be the starting point of your Scoliosis exercise. You can do this by lying down or standing with the support of the wall. It builds strength and posture. This will enhance your resistance power.

  1. Bird Dog Stretching

Bird Dog Stretching

You just need a gym ball for you to do this exercise. This is a good exercise if you are just a beginner. It does not hurt much while you achieve the perfect posture. This can strengthen and enhance the endurance of your muscles. The goal of this exercise is to maintain a neutral spine and pelvis.

  1. Plank

plank exercise

Plank exercise can strengthen your core muscles. There are several ways how to do this. This targets the abs, shoulders, biceps, upper back, lower back, quads, hamstring, and calves. You can lie down facing the ground. Bend your elbows while supporting your body with your toes. Squeeze your abs and hold this position for five seconds. After that, you can rest, inhale, and exhale. You can do this 10 times.

  1. Hip Roll and Bridge

hip roll and bridge

This exercise inclines your pelvis area. It raises the vertebrae to form a full circle. The good thing about this exercise is it lets the hips move, which is important if you have scoliosis. This can strengthen your hips and spine. It targets your lower back, middle back, upper back, hamstring, quads, and glutes. You must push your tailbone away from your head to lengthen the spine.

  1. Scoliosis Yoga – Cat Pose

yoga cat pose

Not all yoga poses are good if you have Scoliosis but you can do the Cat Pose. This is good for your spine, and it is relaxing too. This will also help cure back pains. It targets the upper back, lower back, and glutes. You just have to make the cat pose by supporting your torso on both your palms and knees. Push your lower back down while looking at the ceiling. You can feel the stretch in your lower back. After that, exhale and carve the belly in, and form a “hunch back.” Inhale and repeat this 20 times.

Devices that are helpful if you have Scoliosis

  • Foam rollers – This will help you relieve pain, build strength, and improve your balance. You can use this as a support when you do core strengthening.

foam roller

  • Stability ball – There are exercises which need a stability ball. This can help in strengthening your back and abdominal muscles. This provides support and balance for your spine while you exercise.

stability ball

  • Wedges – This is a wedged soft mat. This can provide extra support, especially when your spine has multiple curves.

wedged soft mat

  • Balance trainer – This dome-shaped balance trainer can help strengthen the muscles.

dome-shaped balance trainer

Having scoliosis is not easy. These are the exercises that you can do, and the devices that you can use. A posture corrector like the one from Body & Perfect can help you in your daily activities.