What are the Leading Causes of Back Pain?

A posture brace can help with back pain. If untreated, back pain can keep you from your work and even interfere with other aspects of your personal life. Most people have experienced back pain at least once in their life. Many would go on to add to the experience, if they are not careful.

Luckily, there are ways of treating backache and methods of preventing it. A posture corrector can do both.


Symptoms of Back Pain

In order to get help for back pain, you need to first learn to recognize it. Here are some signs and symptoms that usually accompany back pain:

  • Limited range of motion of the back
  • An aching muscle
  • Limited range of flexibility of the back
  • Pain that radiates down your leg
  • Shooting or stabbing pain

There are many causes of back pain. We discuss some of the leading causes that cause it below:

You Have Bad Posture

A straight back does more than just make you look impressive! Poor posture can also be behind your backache. You may not feel any ill-effects for a few hours, if you have been sitting in a bad posture. However, the negative effects will add over time. The strain that your spine is under when you adopt a poor posture keeps increasing and eventually leads to anatomical changes in it! This could result in blood vessels and nerves around your spine being cut off. Thus, bad posture can also provoke back pain when your muscles, discs, and joints don’t get the oxygen and nutrients they need to function properly.

Shoulder posture brace might be the solution to poor posture-induced back pain. Here are some signs that can help you recognize if your posture is responsible for your backache:

  • The pain gets worse at certain times of the day
  • Your neck begins to ache first, followed by the pain moving down to both parts of your back
  • It goes away momentarily when you stand after being seated for a while or vice versa
  • You can feel the pain making an appearance with the advent of change, such as a new job, car, or office chair.

If you have been experiencing similar symptoms, you need to improve your posture.

You Have Sprained/Strained Your Back

A back brace for posture could be effective in treating a sprain. Simply put, a ligament gets injured due to stress. This can affect the spine since the ligament is connected to it. If a similar injury is sustained by a muscle or a joint, it is called a strain. Strains and sprains can also affect the performance of a tendon, which is the part connecting a muscle to a bone. Falls, accidents, and uncontrolled movement during exercise can result in sprains or strains.

You Have Spinal Nerve Compression

Posture support becomes necessary when a spinal nerve root is causing pain. The nerve could be pinched or inflamed. Consequently, your brain thinks it is in pain. This can lead to even more problems, like a herniated disc, bone spur/osteophyte, or thickened ligament, if it goes untreated.

You Love Yourself Some Screen Time

Here’s another reason we should all look into the use of a back posture corrector: on average, a person spends nine hours in front of a screen each day. Picture yourself working and you will realize we are hunched over during those nine hours! Smartphones and tablets are other culprits responsible for aching backs. If you must work for so long, it is important that you break off after an hour or two. Use that time to walk around a bit and do neck exercises. The pain in your neck won’t just stay in the neck; it is going to creep to your shoulders and then your back.

A simple neck exercise that can bring you relief involves the following steps:

  1. For 10 seconds, hold your head forward
  2. Then move it back for the same amount of time
  3. Now shift it left and maintain position for 10 seconds
  4. Do the same in the opposite direction
  5. Repeat this exercise at least five times a day.

You Sleep on your Stomach

Posture corrector for men should be a good idea for keeping away back pain. Another cause for backache happens to be the way you sleep! By sleeping on your stomach, you force your joints and muscles to stay under pressure at a time when they should be relaxing and unwinding! If you sleep on your back or side, your spine stays elongated and doesn’t face additional strain. At times, nothing but a good belly flop would do though. You can get your shut eye in your favorite sleeping position without hurting your back though. Slide a thin pillow under your hips before you flip over. This will help reduce the pressure your muscles, disks, and the ligaments attached to them, would feel.

You Have Been Lifting Heavy Items

Improve posture and you will have removed one reason for back pain. However, there are several others including lifting heavy items. Sometimes, even lifting light ones can end up in people pulling their back. What we fail to remember is that whether we are bending our head just to check our phone, or our whole upper body to pick up something from the floor, it is the support of our muscles that makes it possible. Bending of any kind exerts additional pressure on those muscles to make that movement possible. For someone who weighs 70 kgs, they are likely to have at least 35 kgs of upper body weight. So when you bend at the waist, you are adding almost 40 kgs more for your lower back muscles to support! If you must bend or lift something, try to put most of the strain on your legs rather than your back.

Imagine a life without back pain and think of the opportunities you could avail. All you need to do is embrace the right solution – your posture corrector awaits you at  Body & Perfect!